New Brand Launch Promotion

Gestofit SR | Elata | Cameron

Gestofit SR, Elata and Cameron are among the well-known products across the globe when it comes to controlling the hormonal disorders, post pregnancy disorders and also to control progesterone deficiency during pregnancy. Our product Chill N Go became a perfect match as the client promotional activity included a concept where these sensitive hormonal products can be stored for a long run. Chill N Go which provides anti-bacterial benefits with its Silver Nano technology and cooling lid that preserves what is stored inside. Keeping and improving the shelf life of the product on the go which protects the medicine from direct sun light and external heat in turn maintaining the freshness of the product stored inside. Chill N Go was the perfect product that would suit the products like Gestofit SR, Elata & Cameron in maintaining the temperature of when stored in the cool box on the go.

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