New Brand Launch Promotion

Sun Pharma
C Win, I-Win, Sebifin

Ortus, a dermatology division of SUN Pharmaceutical which mainly specialize in making the derma product that cures and prevent skin related ailments. With thorough discussion with their brand managers, BIG Imports & Gifts promoted E-Sense from GROB lineage. The complete thought behind this product was that E-Sense makes a perfect product for their brand promotion as it’s an automatic soap dispenser where hand are not used. With built in infrared sensor that senses your hand and dispenses the required amount liquid soap as per the desired 5 levels of settings provided with the product. E-Sense with dermatology makes the perfect companion as it prevents cross contamination where an individual don’t have to touch anywhere in order to operate the soap dispenser.


So following the actual utility of our clients product i.e. (C-Win, I-Win & Sebifin), E-Sense matched their requirement for their brand promotion.

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