Astonish Dishwasher Tablets

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Astonish Dishwasher Tablets

Probably the only thing that works harder than you is your dishwasher. So Astonish formulated tablets with a powerful cleaning action to remove even the toughest stains including tea, coffee and dried food. With the added benefit of built in salt and rinse aid, even suitable for hard water areas, glassware will be left streak free and dishes sparkling.

How to use:

Use one tablet per wash using a dishwashing machine. Remove a tablet from the wrapper and insert it into the main compartment of the dispensing drawer. Close the dispenser drawer and select the appropriate wash program. Scrape food residues from dishes, pots and pans and insert them securely into the dishwasher for best result

  • Product introduced by UK’s top selling cleaning brand
  • Vegan, Cruelty free product
  • Suitable for hard water areas
  • Phosphate free, kinder to the environment
  • With a lemon fresh scent